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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

No Stretch Marks at 36 Weeks!

Stretch marks - you either love them or you hate them! 

If I'm truly honest stretch marks were not on my mind at all through my first pregnancy. I never did or bought anything that would keep them at bay, in fact I only ever got 3 stretch marks which only appeared the week before Elliott made his grand appearance!

I'm not one for showing off my belly anyway, but saying that I'm not embarrassed by them at all - they are just there. And as the saying goes - "You're a goddamn tiger who has earned her stripes!"

This time round however, I saw a couple of stretch marks snaking around my tum quite early on! So when Secret Saviours got in contact and asked if I would like to test the Anti Stretch Mark Pack (£69.95)(*) I decided to give it a go and see if it would keep my stripes at bay.

Secret Saviours consists of an Anti Stretch Mark Band which is lined with pads of varying sizes arranged in a random pattern. This seemingly accidental arrangement is actually designed to dissipate stresses and strains and make it more difficult for stretch marks to appear! Along with the band you get a day gel and a night cream.

For the day you need to use the day gel which you rub onto your bump first thing in the morning and pop the band on over the gel. The gel smells amazing, such a lovey scent and you can smell it all day which is just lovely. I must admit the gel is quite tacky but that is just so the pads of the anti stretch mark band stick to your belly and prevent those stretch marks.

The night cream again smells amazing just like the day gel. The cream leaves your skin well moisturised, super soft and dries within seconds!  The cream contains hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and made with ethically sourced ingredients.

The band is something that I absolutely love. Not only is is super comfy, it's like a great big hug all day every day! When you remove the band at the end of the day there is a odd pattern left on your bump but that just shows that it's doing it's job!

Research has shown that the band and the gels reduces your chance of stretch marks appearing by up to 70%!

I received the Anti Stretch Mark Pack at 24 weeks, it's recommended that you should start wearing the band from 12-14 weeks for the best results. I started wearing the band as soon as it arrived and have been religiously wearing it right up to now with 4 weeks from my due date and I can honestly say I have not seen any new stretch marks appearing and my old stretch marks have faded quite significantly too! I do have to think that it's all down to this amazing combination! 
As you are meant to start wearing the band from 12 weeks onward you may need to purchase another band when you get to the later stages of pregnancy. Bands are quite expensive at £29.99 but for a product that works I think it's definitely worth it. The bands come in two colours black or pink too! I wore mine from 24 weeks onwards and mine still fits me and my ever growing bump! I know I will be wearing this right up until the day I give birth!

I seriously can't recommend this enough, a lovely, lovely product which does exactly what it states! I mean 36 weeks down and not one new stretch mark to show for it! 

I love putting the band on and slathering the gel and cream on - the only bit of luxury I can get at the moment! It's now just routine, wake up - slather the day gel on and pop the band on ready for the day ahead! 

If you want to find out for yourself please visit www.secretsaviours.com

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