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Monday, 11 April 2016

Packing the Hospital Bag!

Last time round I must admit that I wasn't too prepared with the ol' hospital bag, I mean I only brought one pair of PJ's and had zero nappies with us... yeah! 

This time round though, I feel I am a bit more prepared and know what to take with us, so I thought I would share my hospital bag list with you, in case any of you first time mummies wanted a look so you don't end up like me or if you think I've missed anything off it please do let me know! 

Maternity notes! 
Loose PJ's x2
Comfy pants!! (last time round I bought disposables and they were the WORST!!)
Comfy day clothes x2
Toiletries/toothbrush&paste/deodrant/face wipes/hair bobbles etc
Maternity pads
Hair brush
Phone/Phone charger
Make up  (?)

Sleep Suits x5
Vests x5
Scratch mitts x2
Bibs x5
Car seat/Rain cover (if needed - we left this is car!)
Cosy outfit for going home
Muslin Cloths

Newborn nappies - bring a lot!!
Baby Wipes - I didn't use them in the hopsital with Elliott but I will be with this one!
Nappy bags.

This is my list so far, I mean I have a few weeks so I will probably add more to it and maybe take somethings off, but I feel I have covered the basics! Do you think I need to add/remove anything? 

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