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Friday, 29 April 2016

Something To Cherish Forever!

I am sure you're all aware of my love for personalised things, whether it be a name plaque, a keepsake or something sentimental I am all over it. 

Something I have been looking to purchase for a while now is a personalised necklace, but most of my hints have fallen on deaf ears! men!

When Hand on Heart got in contact with me, introducing their beautiful personalised jewellery, I fell in love with every single piece. Each one hand crafted from start to finish. So I had to get one of my own! 

After looking on their website for a couple of hours deciding which charm I'd like and if I wanted the charm on a bracelet, a necklace, a key ring... They have so much to choose from its a very hard choice, let me tell you! I decided to go with a Footprint Charm Necklace (£85) I love Elliott's little feet and I feel feet are just super cute. You can get this charm as a handprint too but Elliott is quite temperamental with handprints and knowing my luck he wouldn't co operate and I would end up with a print with 4 fingers... Haha!

When I was told that I would get a print kit sent out to us and to get Elliott's prints and send them off to the studio at Hand on Heart, I though it would be a long winded process, but in fact it was super quick! From receiving the print kit to getting the actual necklace took just little over a week! Incredible! 

The print kit is sent with everything you need create your prints. Then simply send them via email to the studio, I took a photo with my iPhone and sent it that way - so easy! You can also add up to two initials on the back of the charm which I chose to do.

From sending the prints in you get up to date emails with the progress of how your jewellery is getting on! I loved being kept in the loop.

When the package arrived I was so excited to open it up. I was greeted with a beautifully packaged box with some Refresher sweets and Love Heart sweets - great for a pregnant woman who has really bad heartburn! Inside the package also contains a leaflet on how to take care of your jewellery and a card with the print that was used (which they keep on your account for 2 years so you can use them again!) 

When I opened the box and saw the necklace for the first time I fell in love...
The pendant charm was stunning. A little footprint to treasure forever with a beautiful E engraved on the back. I must admit I did get a bit emotional, I'm blaming the pregnancy hormones. Haha! 

I haven't taken the Footprint Charm Necklace off yet and I highly doubt I will ever.  It is so lightweight that you don't even realise you're wearing anything. 

I have had so many compliments while wearing the beauty, many saying that they have never seen anything like it and the have to have one in their lives too!

I can't get over that I finally got my personalised necklace which I will cherish forever more. 

With my due date looming, I have already told Jordan that I want a Footprint Charm with the newborns print as either a 'push present' or for my birthday (which is also pretty soon!) he just has to pay for it... I'll do the rest ;) 

If you would like to see for yourself visit www.handonheart.co.uk or follow Hand on Heart on Twitter @HoHjewellery for all the latest updates!

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