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Monday, 7 March 2016

Things I've Learned Since Becoming a Mum!

1. Not one day will be the same. I'm 19 months in and can say that each day has seen something different happen! Every day is a school day as they say and that for me is completely true. 

2. Dont worry what other people think of you. It's difficult not to compare yourself to others, but I can assure you they are struggling the same as you - they may just hide it better!

3. White clothes should be avoided at all costs. Don't kid yourself they will never, ever be that crisp white again, no matter how many times you wash them!

4. Your house is allowed to be messy. Don't forget you have a child, your house doesn't have to be a show home. Afterall a house with toys scattered everywhere will most certainly be a happy house filled with the best memories!

5. Take advice with a pinch of salt. They think they know everything and will chip in with advice on how to look after your child. As good as people’s intentions are, everybody is different. What works for them doesn't mean it’ll work for you and your baby, and vice versa. You're doing a fantastic job!

6. Presentable in 15 minutes? Not a problem! Who knew that you could be presentable in less than 15 minutes?! I have this down to a fine art now. Time is everything! I'm ashamed to admit that before Elliott was here I would take a good half an hour - maybe more! What the hell was I doing with the rest of my time?!

7. Secret eating is okay, no one will judge! Please tell me I'm not the only one that has hid in the bathroom with a bar a chocolate and inhaled it in the space of 2 minutes just because you didn't want to share? I can tell you it tasted amazing and you small child, will never know about it!

8. Patience is a virtue. You may never have said you were a patient person but a child later and you'll have patience you never knew existed! Trust me!

9. You can never take too many photos! Don't worry that you have used up all your iphone's storage with 38629123 photos and had to buy more storage. You need that photo of him doing exactly the same pose as yesterday!

10. You'll appreciate your Mum. Once you become a Mum you really do realise how much your own Mum did for you. They had it hard - there was no Disney Channel back then!

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1 comment:

  1. Love this! It's exactly how it is! I love the point that your house is allowed to be messy! It was the biggest parenting lesson I learnt!