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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Preparing Toddler for a New Baby!

I don't think Elliott knows that he's away to have a baby brother in a couple of months but I'm always wary that he senses change, like when we moved him to a toddler bed and put his cot bed back to newborn state and when I've been clearing the house out to make room for the new arrival...

Elliott actually got a baby dolly for Christmas and it is one of the presents that he cuddles, feeds it his snacks, wipes it's nose/face, make us dress the dolly just for him to remove all the clothes again. It's things like this that makes me excited and hoping the will be the best big brother around!

I am now on the look out for anything to help him realise he's not going to be an only child for long, so when Orchard Toys got in contact with a new game aimed at soon to be older brothers/sisters I jumped at the chance.

New Baby Lotto (£9.50)(*) is a board game in which you match the pictures to the ones on the picture board. This game is designed for 2 years+ and can be played with up to four children. We don't really play it the way you're meant to as Elliott doesn't really it but he's learning. I hand him the  picture and ask him to pop them on the right picture - sometimes he gets it, sometimes he doesn't. This is a great game for memory too as you could turn the pictures over and get the kids to turn the over and match them to the correct picture board. I feel this is not just a game for introducing a new baby to the family but a game which can be and will be played for years to come!

We really enjoy playing with the board game and i know Elliott does too as the way he brings it through in his arms wanting to play it makes me so happy. Which is making me think maybe I need to invest in some more!

New Baby Lotto helps encourage observational skills, encourages discussion, develops shape and matching skills and helps develops personal and social skills. 

Have you got any tips on preparing a 19 month old for a new baby coming into his family? I'd love to know!
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  1. Right now, Genevieve loves to take things off of shelves and counters and put them away. (Thank goodness one of us does.) The first time she did this, we discovered an excellent game. My Kid Needs That