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Monday, 14 March 2016

Fun Activities That Cost Nothing!

Being pregnant and having a tilted pelvis I am finding it harder to do 'fun' things with Elliott. I mean we do so much at home and we do attend a toddler group but other than that I feel we don't do that much if I'm honest.
Before falling pregnant soft play was always the road I would go down if I was feeling like this, but it's just not feasible now so with that I had to think of other things that would interest a one and a half year old when it's still a little cold outside.

If I'm honest I didn't realise how much things were on my doorstep that cost nothing at all! Like going to the park for an hour or feeding the ducks.

We don't have a park in our village so we do have to hop in the car, but for an hour of climbing and going down the slide lets him burn off so much energy, which in turn makes him nap that little bit longer - win win!
Feeding the ducks is another massive hit with him! He loves to carry the bread and throw it to the ducks. The excitement on his face is priceless!

If it's not too cold we usually take a walk into the woods and collect leaves and pine cones! We usually come home with something that is his new favourite toy for the afternoon! Yesterday it was a big stone...

I always thought that for Elliott to have fun I needed to spend money, well now I know that he can have the most fun with no money spent at all!

I cannot wait for the nicer weather to come and to go out for nice long walks in the sun and have picnics in the park.

What's your favourite thing to do that doesn't cost a penny? I'd love to know!

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