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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Nom-Nom Kids; My Squeezy Snack Pouches

We are constantly on the look out for new things to try and make eating more fun. 
So when I was sent My Squeezy Snack pouches from Nom-Nom Kids, I was excited to see how Baby E would take to a new experience! 

My Squeezy Snack Pouches (*)(£6.95) are beautifully decorated, I'm a big lover of kid friendly graphics and the animals are super cute! 

The idea of this is so you can fill them up with your own home made or store bought purees, smoothies, yoghurt's or baby food for your baby to eat from. 
To fill the pouch simply unscrew the cap on the top, blow into it so that it blows out - there is a scary lion awaiting you...! Replace the cap and open the side of the pouch by pulling apart the sides and fill to your hearts desire! There is a see through window at the back to see how full it is, and a section that you can write what is in the pouch etc - which is very handy!

With the pouches being BPA Free, Phthalate Free, PVC Free and Freezer safe - what more could you want? They are so easy to clean too, I wash them by hand, but you can easily pop them into your dishwasher!

I popped some yogurt into the pouch and let Baby E hold it. Instantly he put the spout to his mouth and started to suck! This is the first time he has ever tried to suck at something properly - other than his bottle and that, but he took to it instantly, like it was second nature to him! We have used yoghurt in the pouches mainly as Baby E eats what we eat and doesn't like the shop bought pouches, so this is ideal for us. I just can't get over at how well he took to them. They are now in our day to day life, if we are out and about I usually pack a pouch in the changing bag  They are relatively mess free too which is a bonus!

I love this idea, and they are prefect for weaning babies as well as for taking out and about with you, these would be super handy to pop into your changing bag and know exactly what your baby is getting! I was even thinking about taking the pouches on holiday with us!

If you would like to purchase the re usable snack pouches you can do so here... www.nomnomkids.co.uk 

We're going on an adventure

Mami 2 Five


  1. I have seen these pouches cropping up all over various blogs lately and I think I am now sold! Luke loves anything a lot more if he thinks it's a cheeky treat from the shop, like a fruit shoot or similar, so what we tend to do is put water in the fruit shoot bottle or very weak squash and he glugs it down. I think these pouches would suit him perfectly, he would think he was getting a super cheeky treat, but really he's just getting some good, wholesome food with exciting lions on them. How exciting! Think I will order some soon! Ray, xx #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

    1. They are great! I was a little unsure, but they way Baby E took to them was unreal! They are now in our daily life and make eating much more fun and less messy! I also think he thinks hes a big boy and being all independent and not needing mummy! He enjoys it and moans when there is nothing left! haha!

      Thank you for commenting love! xx

  2. I'm curious as to how easy the would be to clean? I'd worry about leaving bits behind and them getting yucky?
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week :) x

    1. They are dishwasher safe but we dont have a dishwasher so i just clean them by hand! They clean up pretty well and since using them i havent seen any left over food residue!

      Thanks for commenting love xx

  3. What a great idea for when you're out and about and so much cheaper to re-use than keep on buying them. Might have to give these a go with no. 2 on the way.

    1. They are great for on the go! We ar using them daily and one is always popped into the changing bag! Yes, defo get them, they help so much with weaning and getting baby use to holding foods! Thank you for commenting! xx

  4. these a great for waning lottie used to love feeding her self these so much easier when your on the go i found! #sundaystars x

    1. Yes, thats exactly the same for us! We love them and use them everyday for snack or if we are out and about! So glad we own some! Thank you for commenting! xx