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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Baby Sensory!

Something I really wanted to do with Baby E was take him to a Baby class, well last week we got the chance to, and boy was it fun for both of us!

I have always wanted to take Baby E to a Baby Sensory class, but sadly that was all it was - a thought!
I have looked into Baby Sensory when Baby E was a couple of months old, but something that put me off was the price! The 'local' one to us is about 20 miles from us, travelling wasn't an issue as I drive. But with a price tag of £65 for 10 sessions. To me at the time I couldn't justify it, with only one wage coming into the house.

We have been attending a Mother and Toddlers group since he turned 6 months, and they told us last week they were having a woman from a Baby Sensory class coming to the group. We quickly put our name down and paid the £2 (!!!!) fee.

I was unsure what to expect, but was excited to see what the class entailed.

We went along and there was about 8 children, Baby E being second youngest - his Mother and Toddlers group is quite small, with living in a rural part of Scotland!

Once the woman got everything set up they sang a few songs. Baby E could not do this, but he sat in awe and watched the woman contently - She used a lot of hand actions and I think it got his attention.
Then they moved onto flashing balls being pushed/bounced around the floor - Baby E was all over this and at one point he had 3 of the flashing balls!

After doing this they popped down some fibre optic lights and Baby E and a set of twins (which were the youngest) were allowed to sit/lie/crawl on them - the bigger kids could hold/touch etc. Baby E loved this, and I think this was the highlight of the day for all the kids! He was literally all over this as the photos show!

Then to end there was singing and dancing. Music played throughout every activity - which was lovely as sometime Baby E and the twins couldn't do much other than crawl - i.e unable to hold instruments  and shake them! Although Baby E gave it a good shot but got bored as they were slightly too heavy!

The session only lasted an hour, but fun was had by all. All the kids were worked up and hyper after! As soon as we got in the car Baby E was sound asleep! Must have been too much for him! haha!

The class has really made me think about the paid for classes, as Baby E had a ball and seeing his little face light up was a beautiful sight!

Have you taken your little one to a Baby Sensory Class? I'd love to know you're thoughts!

Mami 2 Five


  1. I've taken my 6 minth old every week for the last 3 months. The reason why I keep going back is I see how much she loves it. It's amazing the change I've seen in the way she interacts in the classes and the look of amazement on her face with things I ouldnt even think of doing at home. Well worth it I think! X


    1. Aww that's great! I always thought about it but xpulsnt justify the price :( I'm defo thinking about it now! The fact his little face lit up and I knew he was having so much fun! Hope you're well! Thank you for commenting! Xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you very much! He loved it! Thanks for commenting xx

  3. I did the 'official' baby sensory course with Daniel and we enjoyed it but I didn't think it was worth the money.
    I did one term with Emma but it coincided with her nap time and I didn't get on with the other mums in the group. lad you found a much cheaper session and that you both enjoyed it x

    1. Ahh did you! I'm sure you can do most of the things at home now adays! Thank you for commenting xx

  4. wow that looks so fun I've done various taster type sessions never always had a good time but yours looks awsome glad you both enjoyed it! #sundaystars

    1. Oh that sounds interesting though! Did you both enjoy it? We had a great time! Thank you for commenting xx