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Monday, 16 March 2015

Let's Talk About Snacks!

One thing that I have noticed is Baby E is not fussy when it comes to food, he will eat everything that is put in front of him!
We went with baby led weaning and I felt this went well for all of us and I cannot complain really!

He got the hang of feeding himself pretty quickly, so much so that I put down food on the high chair tray and he would happily munch on it while I was cooking the meals. It keeps him occupied and he feels like he's being a big boy feeding himself!

I give him snacking foods throughout the day to snack on as well as with meals.
When I say snacks, I don't mean junk food in the slightest, it's actually the complete opposite!

As I mentioned previously he is a big lover of fruit, so I usually give him lots of fruit to munch on, but if we are running low on that I will give him some Organix Finger Food snack packs.

I first bought these on a whim.  We were out and we had nothing for Baby E, so I nipped into the supermarket and picked up a packet of the Organix Goodies Finger Food Carrot Sticks, I know he loves his carrots so I knew these would go down a treat.
I was unsure what to expect, never seeing or hearing of them. But they were sort of like a crisp snack I use to get when I was little called ChipSticks. They sort of looked a bit like Wotsits but a bit thinner but had the bright orange colour! I tried one and to me it had very little taste but Baby E seemed to be munching on them happily! In fact he ate almost half a packet in one sitting!

I have been buying these every week since as it is so easy to give him a handful when he cannot make it to Tea Time.
This week while I was in the supermarket I was away to pick up the much loved Carrot Sticks, when I noticed the Tomato Noughts and Crosses Goodies Finger Food packet, I bought them along with the Carrot Sticks, as I want him to get use to as many different flavours as possible - and he already likes tomatoes.
They are called Noughts and Crosses as that is exactly what they are shaped like - X's and O's!

I think Baby E has taken a liking to these more than the Carrot Sticks now as he devours every single crumb!

Another snack he loves to munch on are the Heinz Organic Biscotti Biscuits. (£1)
We have only tried the Apple and Banana, but Baby E loves them! As soon as he spy's the packet he is bouncing up and down making Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm noises! They are slightly messy (Reminds me of a rusk with the mush!) But Baby E has no complains as they are pretty much gone in 2.5 seconds!

Something I recommend if going out and about with snacks is a snack box! The amount of times I have found rouge Biscotti Biscuits in my change bag! We use the MAM Snack Box (*)(£4.99) which is just the perfect size for travelling.  

What snack foods does your little one enjoy?
Mami 2 Five


  1. berries are always popular over summer here and Emma loves Kiwi.
    Breadsticks are another firm fave and I like to make things like banana and apple bread for them too at snack time x

    1. oooh, we've tried Kiwi but Baby E was not very impressed! Oh that bread sounds yummy!! Thank you for commenting xx

  2. i used to always get the organix snacks for my older 2 haven't so much with my youngest though she just loves fruit to snack on all the time! thanks for linking up to #sundaystars

    1. Aww thats great though! Baby E loves fruit but i like him to have a variety of foods and snacks! Thank you for commenting xx