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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Goodbye Baby Monitor!

Baby E is now 9 months and we think it's about time to say goodbye to the baby monitor!

We got the baby monitor as a present from one of our friends, it's a Tomy Digital Baby Monitor (£69.99) 
We have used it from day one - Baby E was scared of the dark when he was born so the light on the other end helped him sleep!

We moved him into his own room at 4 Months as he slept though the night, and we always said when he slept through the night he would be in his own room.  We were also disturbing him when going to be ourselves and with Daddy getting up to work in the morning, it wasn't fair on him at all. Moving him to his own room was the best thing we've ever done!
He slept so much better and we moved the other end with the night light into his room.

The monitor is easy to use and easy to see in the middle of the night! It monitors the temperature in his room and obviously lights up if a noise is made!
We liked the Tomy monitor on the whole, the only problem we had with it was it would loose charge every quickly. I mean if we charged it during the day and turned it on about 7pm it would be dead about 1am! And that loud high pitched alarm is not a great noise to be woken up too I can tell you! So we constantly had it on the charge throughout the night!

Recently we have just been using the monitor to check the temperature in his room, you can mute the volume - which we did, as he is a great snorer!

The light feature on the other end has been turned off too as we felt he didn't need it, we used it for a couple of months after we moved him but I felt he was waking up and thinking it was day time due to the light!

Although the first night we removed the monitor I was completely on edge! I mean we never had the volume up so there was a real difference, but my head was telling me there was! I needn't have worried as he was fine, we were fine!

So goodbye baby monitor... until next time/baby!
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  1. Aww, bye bye to the monitor. We have one with sensor pads which we used for a month or so when it was in Baby L's room, but we too would get woken in the night by a high pitched scream which was pretty annoying! Also the battery died pretty quickly too. Maybe it is just baby monitors in general!

  2. We also stopped using the monitor a few weeks ago. Arj does still sometimes wake up but we hear him if he's fully awake anyway as he's next door! He also moved out at 4 months and his/our quality of sleep improved dramatically!x

  3. We had that monitor for a bit but it randomly died after only using it for a couple of months so we have a different one now. The thermometer function was definitely handy when she was little though :) #triedtested

  4. Aww, bye monitors! How sad to be putting them away.. it's just another reminder that babies grow up. We only used a monitor for a couple of weeks with Toby as we just didn't need it. We used the Angelcare one but I couldn't bring myself to use the sensor underneath - more worry than it's worth for sure! #SundayStars xx

  5. We stopped using a baby monitor a long time ago too (were living in a bungalow at the time) and I got to the point where I wasn't intensely listening to his breathing all night. However - recently we got it back out as we moved into a terraced house and he is 2 floors up! He's two - but we love to listen to him babbling for 30 mins before he goes to sleep and my fiancé listens to the bedtime story while he sits downstairs (the days he doesn't do it) - it's oddly brought us closer in a way. And if there are any problems in the night I hear him straight away. Next baby on the way and we are digging out our old video monitor too. It's baby big brother in our house.

  6. We still use a baby monitor for Amy - she's 16 months old. In fact we've only just stopped using a monitor with Ben and Chloe but they were sharing a room so it was useful to be able to hear them!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  7. I always feel like a bit of a bad mum because I have never ever ever used a baby monitor or anything similar. :/

    Thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  8. Whilst it's a stark reminder that baby E is growing-up, just think of all the fab things you will be able to do in the months to come as he grows and matures. ;)

    Thanks very much for joining us for #todderapprovedtuesday

  9. We left the monitor in with Daniel until Emma was born (16 months) but that is because as I was pregnant I was sleeping heavily (when I could ACTUALLY sleep!) and the wall between our rooms is really thick and we couldn't hear him through the wall.
    Emma still has the monitor due to very frequent wake ups, and I can't see it going any time soon xx