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Monday, 9 March 2015

Baby Proofing The House!

When you have a newborn nobody tells you about how much chaos a mobile baby is. Well, let me tell you, you will never have a moments peace! You will be constantly watching them as they move to that ornament that you've told them one million times not to touch!

This is you realise how un baby friendly your house is!

It's not like we have hazards in our house or sharp corners everywhere, in fact it the opposite, the things Baby E like to do is open and close the kitchen cupboards and the same with the bathroom cupboard - which we keep all the medicines in!! We also caught him opening up the cats cupboard and sifting through her cat pouches! He is a liability!

Another major thing we have noticed is that he has gravitated to the plug sockets! They have never been appealing to him until a couple of days ago and how he prefers to crawl on over the the sockets instead of playing with the hundreds of toys scattered around the room!

There was a baby event in Asda a couple of weeks ago and we saw the Lindam Home Safety Kit for £5 which was reduced from £10 so we snapped it up!
The kit includes a door stopper which prevents a door slamming shut and trapping little fingers, 4 corner cushions, which we've used on the fireplace corners and on a shelf that is Baby E height! Has 4 UK socket covers, which is the main reason we bought the kit as we had looked into getting socket covers and them alone were over £5! The kit also contains a mutli purpose latch and an appliance latch which are great for the fridge door and cupboard doors that Baby E has taken a liking too!

Since purchasing this it has helped us baby proof the house that little bit more!

Mami 2 Five


  1. Oh Aidan hasn't found the sockets yet but it is only a matter of time I'm sure - At the moment he just wants to pull everything from under the TV - fun times! xx

  2. We use Lindam products in our house and they are really great! We're big fans! x

  3. Lindam are lifesavers, we have gates everywhere, plug socket covers, corner covers, literally everything as he is such a clumsy little thing and he is two and a half!!

  4. Sound good - we've not got to this stage yet, but we've just got sent 2 Lindam baby gates to review which look pretty good :)

  5. Love Lindam bits! I covered all the sockets but Amelia never actually went for them. Although they get bigger and run around you don't actually get as worried about them hurting themselves in the house when they are older! So scary when they get to this stage and no-where is sacred...good luck!! Thanks for linking up and hope to see you again tomorrow! #MummyMonday xx