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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Baby Brain!

I was never one to believe in the whole 'baby brain' thing, and pretty much thought it was a load of crap and that people played on it too much, you know like when people say "Oh that's baby brain for you' blah blah blah...

Well it wasn't until after I had Baby E it started to affect me. At first I thought I was just getting that little more forgetful. It would be me walking into a room and completely forgetting what I was in there for, or looking for my mobile when it was in my hand all along! I put this down to having a newborn to attend to 24/7 - not the dreaded 'baby brain'!

But then it started getting worse pretty rapidly! I now forget everything - even if you just told me 5 minutes ago!

I even took the milk carton into the bathroom with me once and when I got there thought what the hell am I doing in the bathroom with the milk carton!!

It has now started to affect my blog, so this is where I have to get myself organised!

I have got myself a blogging diary - which comes with me everywhere. If I have an idea I will usually write it down there or use one of my Notes app on my iPhone then transfer it to my diary.
I also write down what posts I want to write up and when i want them to feature and what linkys are available!

I do hope this 'baby brain' is just a phase and one that will pass quickly, I wrote on Twitter the other week about this exact subject and was told it was here to stay! Another thing that you're not told when your pregnant! haha!

Hopefully, this new system will make my life and blog run much more smoothly and I wont be finding the milk in the bathroom!

Mami 2 Five


  1. Oh dear.....
    To be honest since having kids I am so forgetful and my youngest is 7! lol

  2. Like you forgot your sun glasses at mine....
    I don't think it ever gets any better either.

  3. Way before Alexander was born I'd been quite a forgetful person - I just don't retain things well - but whilst pregnant I had baby brain like crazy!! I honestly thought my forgetfulness couldn't get worse, I was in for a shock! After Alexander was born though my forgetfulness just went back to what it normally was... So I guess you could say it improved but it isn't actually a good memory at all!

    Sorry, but taking the milk to the bathroom did make me laugh.
    Life’s Open Pages

  4. I think it can be the tiredness that does it (well it does for me given Emma doesnt sleep!)
    I have a spreadsheet where I plan my blog posts and tick them as I write them and then add in reviews and the such into the spaces on the spreadsheet x