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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Making meal times less messy!

Evening meals are getting more and more messier - Baby E not so much, more the floor! 

He is a menace, he usually eats a good bit of whatever is put in front of him but whatever is left or if he spy's something more appealing he swiftly puts it down either side of the high chair, on his lap or on the floor!
Putting a plate in front of him was not even a considered option!  Could you imagine the mess...!!

But all that has changed with the help of  Babisil Fu Munch Set (*)(£11.95) in the set you get a cute orange tiger bib (There are other styles, but we went for the tiger!) The bib has a pelican scoop to catch all the food that falls - a brilliant design! The bib is from 100% medical grade silicone - an ultra safe microbe inhibiting material that is free from BPA, oestrogen and phthalates and is super easy to wipe down.
The only thing I would say about this is that it sits pretty low around the neck meaning that I have to put a bib on underneath otherwise his clothes do get wet from food or water. But other than this it makes for a great bib and can be folded to fit into any small space - we've taken it with us in our changing bag many times!

The other thing that is a god send which is included in the set is the Magic Suction Mat which you simply wet on both sides and stick the flat bit to the tray of the high chair and then the little sucker bit onto the bowl or plate. I was a little concerned as Baby E is a bit rough - he manages to pull off the high chair toy which is suctioned down! But the outcome was Magic Suction Mat - 1, Baby E - 0! woohoo! 
He never tried to pull it off to be honest, I think because it wasn't a moving object. But it lasted all through the meal and even I struggled to pull it off! I will be using this with every plate now. We are doing both kinds of weaning but I prefer baby led weaning, even if it is rather messy! So putting a bowl in front of him is something I want to do and this makes life far easier for everyone!

Included in the kit you get a bendy spoon - this is another thing I love, but we just use it as a normal spoon. 

These two items have made meal times so much easier and less messier!  I highly recommend the Babisil Fu Munch Set if, like me you are forever taking the hoover out after every meal time! 

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  1. We had that highchair!! Cute photo's. Loved weaning! x