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Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Story of our Nessie

I thought I would tell you the story of our Nessie.

Nessie is Baby E's most loved toy ever. You will never see Baby E without Nessie that's for sure.

Nessie was bought for Baby E by Daddy and I when on our first family holiday as three, Baby E was 6 weeks old when we took a trip to Inverness in Scotland where we went to visit the Loch Ness. I'm sure you've all heard of the Loch Ness Monster.

Baby E slept from leaving the holiday resort - all the way to Loch Ness and all the way around it! He didn't wake up once. I did wake him up for a feed but he was having none of it - sleep was far more important!

So we went to the gift shop as we wanted to get Baby E something from his first holiday that we could look back on.

We got back to the holiday resort and showed him the toy and I think it was love at first sight! He gripped Nessie and never let him go the whole holiday! Even cuddling into him at nights - which was just super cute!

Fast forward to today and they are completely inseparable. It's actually very cute to see.

If he is ever grumpy I will give him Nessie and he will cuddle into him and instantly he is more at ease.

He sleeps with him every night and when I go through to check on him Nessie is always near him, normally in the crook of his arm.

If we are ever to leave the house, the one thing that will be in tow is Nessie. I can forget a bottle of milk, but never Nessie - I think it wouldn't be a very pleasant day if I did!
Actually we once forgot him when we went to the grandparents and he just wouldn't settle and cosying him in to make him go to sleep so we could pop in in the car seat was just not happening. In the end we had to take a crying baby all the way home. When we got home and I put him in the cot with Nessie and all tears and grumpiness stopped - he even started having a little conversation with him! Probably telling him what bad parents we were! ha ha!

I'm sure Nessie knows all his secrets as every morning he is busy chatting away to him.

Nessie is getting that little bit dirty - after all he is 7 months old too! I am scared to wash him in case I can't get him dried quick enough and Elliott is being a nightmare as he doesn't have his best friend! Or worse he never looks at him again as he is not the 'same' Nessie! 

But I am sure of one thing, Nessie is Baby E's first best friend!


  1. Aww! How sweet! It is lovely how they get attached to one soft toy! Adorable x

  2. This is adorable! I've had a pingu teddy since I was one and over the years with him being taken eveywhere and being washed his feet are all misshapen and have been stiched up countless times and his pupils have rubbed off but he's probably my most treasured thing ever, I'm sure Nessie will be the same for Elliott :') loved this story, so cute! :) xx

  3. So cute!! Nessie is lovely :) Lottie has a monkey and he goes everywhere!!!! Harry hasn't been as interested in having anything to carry around, but there is still time! Jess xx

  4. Aww this is so lovely it's lovely when they attach themselves to something, and love it like Elliot loves his Nessie xxx Penny has something similar called 'Ellie' a comforter with a rattley elephant head on it. When she's mad she'll scrunch her up into her face and squeeeeze super hard and wave her around the place. When's she's cosying she'l just lay and fiddle with her and brush Ellie on her face. Most days she goes to sleep with Ellie on her face #badmumma