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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hello Sun!

The days are getting brighter and the nights longer which only calls for lovely walks around our village!

We live in a country village with walks galore! 
When I was pregnant we use to take long walks in the woods - possibly why he came early, but since we have a baby we tend to just stick to the pathway walks as it's easier to push along the pram.

We have been going out a lot more with the lovely weather we've been having, just Baby E and I. We normally go for a 45 minute walk with a stop off at the park for some fun on the swings! 
Although at the weekend when daddy is off we will go for a much longer walk and let Baby E have a little wander - as he is now trying to take his first unaided  steps! So it's great, I love spending time as a family and even better when it's a free activity that we can all partake in!

I feel like us getting out more with the pram is great for both of us, Baby E enjoys the different scenery and I benefit from losing this extra baby weight! I remember the midwife saying that the best thing to tone up your belly is pushing the pram around.

I really do want to do more exercise - but not attend classes etc, so walking is ideal.
I hope to keep this up as I'm full of big ideas but never see them through! 

Let's hope the lovely weather continues and I'll be a size 8 by summer ;) 


  1. Great post. We live in a fairly rural area so in one direction we have beautiful countryside. This last week we have managed to get out more. Rather than a quick dog walk. Just being free to be out now is great and the boys love our adventures. Think like you said it is great because it's free too! And if you can use it to exercise and get to your size 8 ;) then all the better!

  2. Aww thanks! Ah that sounds lovely! Bit like ours! Yes, witht he lovely days it makes walking much nicer doesnt it! Here's hoping i loose a bit of weight! Thanks for the support ;) haha! Thanks for commenting! x

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