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Monday, 9 February 2015

Glow in the Dark Dummies!

Ever tried to find that dummy that your baby's lost in their cot in the dead of night?

Difficult isn't it! Made more difficult with a screaming child and the fact you refuse to turn the light on in fear of baby fully wakening up! 

Well I have found the answer....

Glow in the dark dummies! And they are a god send, I'll tell you! 

We have accumulated quite a few, as I said before, Baby E really only needs dummies at night now so I've been sticking to buying the glow in the dark dummies, they're okay for using during the day too - so win win! 

Im a big fan of the MAM Glow In The Dark dummies (*)(£5.75), they are super easy to find and I have a few on the dresser in his room for emergencies! 

As with most glow in the dark things they need to be 'charged' by keeping them in the light for a couple of hours. I usually bring them into the living room for the day and move them to his bedroom at night. 

Once they are charged with light they glow most of the night! I've seen me going into his room at 4am and finding them easily! Making the whole situation easier on both you and baby! And making a 10 minute fiasco a 30 second breeze! 

I definitely recommend getting yourself some glow in the dark dummies if you see yourself struggling to find them, they'll make life ten times easier, trust me!

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  1. Wow! I could have done with these when my two were little....They must make life so much easier x

    1. Oh they do! I am so glad i found them too! thanks for commenting xx

  2. These are a life safer during the night. We use them with our little boy however he doesn't really like to keep his dummy in! xx

    1. They are aren't they! Bummer you little boy doesnt find them himself ;) I'm so glad i found them! Thanks for commenting xx

  3. Great post!! We only used dummies in the first 6 months but know how annoying it was to find it in the dark. These would have been so useful!!
    Thanks for sharing this and linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky

  4. Wow I shall def be passing this on to friends that use dummies. Thank you. And thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky

  5. We were lucky enough to not have either of the twins like "dummies" (or pacifiers, as they are called here in the States...lol) One of our boys does go to bed with a small silky square of fabric that i'd love to attach some glow-in-the dark property to so we could find it after he falls asleep!

  6. Ooh what a fab idea! We didn't use a dummy in the end with my little one but I can imagine how much of a god send these are!! #bigfatlinky xxx