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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bedtime Routine?

We have never stuck to a routine at bed time, I never really thought about it to be honest and Baby E was such a good baby that he was sleeping throughout the night at 8 weeks old. Therefore we didn't see the need.  We pretty much let him tell us what he wanted and when. If he was tired and wanted to go to bed, that was him until morning. A lot of people said how lucky we were, but Baby E being our first, we didn't know any different!

Baby E is now 8 months and we still don''t have a routine. We have tea at around 5pm and that is pretty much it. We get him changed somewhere between 6pm and 7pm - depending on if he is sleepy or not.

We thought it was time for Baby E to upgrade to a bath mat from the bath seat he's been using for a couple of months! (See post here for the bath seat post!) I just felt he was outgrowing the bath seat and he was getting frustrated when his bath toys got away from him! So we bought a bath mat as our bath was too slippy - cue a Bambi on ice moment!

I was very nervous the first the we let him explore the bath, jerking at every move he made on his own, but  I soon relaxed as he was having a whale of a time. He loved his new found freedom and loved crawling, sitting, splashing all to his heart content.
Of course we still included the bubbles, balls, floating sea creatures and foamy letters!

Since putting the bath mat down we have been bathing nearly every night, before this it was maybe every couple of days. It's SO much easier! I don't need to fill the bath right up for one!

And now I see what having a little routine can do! He now gets excited for bath time - actually he always gets excited but now he expects a bath after tea time! After a good ol' play in the bath it's PJ time and then bed with a bottle. I must admit, this routine he has got himself into works for everyone. I enjoy preparing his bath and finding more bath toys that I can add!

We still have a massive struggle with getting his nappy on afterwards though... I think we may have a naturist in the making!


  1. I think, like most things, Of the routine works for you guys then great. I didn't have much of a routine until about 8 months ago. Before it was bath pjs and bed when they needed it. My eldest decided he wanted a stricter bedtime routine so I made one and they both stuck to it! Which surprised me bit it suited us all in both set ups. Ha maybe he just likes being wold and free!!

  2. Molly doesn't have much of a routine as such but she does tend to get tired and go to bed at the same time. Being able to bath without the seat is so much more fun!

  3. We've always had a routine in place for Penny her own choices of course never forced. But ive found no matter how strict you keep to it, as the baby grows older and the routine is always changing. That's what ive learnt so far, so you just have to go with what your child is telling you, and he looks pretty darn happy to me hehe xxx

  4. Haha a naturist in the making. There's no right answer - you do what works for you and this seems to be going amazingly! We've put a routine into place to try to improve things slightly after Baby L went downhill due to 4 month regression. We bath around 5.30, feed around 6, then fingers crossed that's her down until 11 when she tends to stir for another feed. Fancy swapping babies?

  5. We always had a routine with lamb from birth, but then as he got older and was so good at going to be we let it slip. This caused us problems and we ended up with no routine and a baby who wouldn't sleep through anymore! We are kind of back to a routine, although he don't bath every night and we jump between bedtime and morning baths depending on Lamb's mood. I think it's always good to have a routine in place, even if you steer away from it every now and then xx