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Thursday, 19 February 2015

From Bath to Bed!

Since I am all about bath time at the moment I thought I would let you know what products we use from bath to bed.
I did a post like this a while back. But those products have been put to the side and been replaced with these little beauties!

 I have been loving Burts Bees and there Baby Bees range. The cute little packaging sold it for me to be honest. I love simple, plain designs. This just fits in perfectly with my Bathroom and doesn't look out of place at all. - Not that it matters! haha!

We don't use that many products at bath time to be honest but the ones we do use are amazing and I cannot see myself straying from them. I love them, Baby E loves them and even Daddy loves them! I have caught him more than once having a bubble bath with Elliott's products!

Let me tell you what we do with them...

It all starts with squirting a little bit of the Baby Bee Bubble Bath (£9.99) (*) into the running water from the tap and you are instantly hit with a beautiful scent, to me it reminds me of Refreshers - you know the kids sweet you got back in the day, perhaps they are still on the go! But it's a lovely smell, not too over powering or sickly. I presume it's meant to smell like honey, but either way the scent is delightful! The Bubble bath is completely tear free, I  could tell with the amount of splashing Baby E was doing!
I was pretty amazed about how much bubbles came from such a small amount! I did go a bit over the top on the first time using this and I don't think you could see Baby E through the mass of bubbles!!

Once Baby E has finished in the bath, I wrap him up in a towel to dry him, I then pop some Baby Bee Dusting Powder (£6.99)(*) on my hand and rub it into all the creases and then all over his bum and bits. Again this smells beautiful! The scent is exactly the same as the bubble bath. The Dusting Powder looks and feels exactly like Talc - but amazingly it is 100% Talc free and uses scented cornstarch and baking soda.
I instantly notice how soft his skin feels from being in the bath with the Bubble Bath - it contains glycerin which nourishes the skin and it definitely does!

Once dusted down I pop the nappy on him, although this is getting more and more difficult! He is not one for siting still for 1 minute, and is constantly escaping! Sometimes its a two man job - one being the distracter and the other the nappy applier!
Once nappy is applied after the 14th attempt, we then rub in some Baby Bee Fragrance Free Lotion (£8.99)(*) on his belly, arms and legs and get the PJ's on! The lotion soaks into the skin almost instantly and is not greasy in the slightest.

In the morning Baby E is super soft and smells amazing - well, that's if he hasn't done a number two during the night!

What do you use from bath time to bed? Anything i should add? Let me know!

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