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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

8 Month Update!

8 Months... 8 Months! How can 8 months go so quickly?!

A question I seem to be asking myself after every month that passes!

My little baby boy has now turned into a little boy. There's no baby left and this makes me a little sad. Yes, I'm glad he is growing to be such a cheeky little boy and is learning so much but I do miss my newborn cuddles! As Elliott is now crawling, pulling himself up on the couch and is almost walking un aided I rarely get a cuddle. This is what makes me sad.

I haven't done an update of Baby E since the 6 month mark, but these few months have been the ones where he has grown into a little person. He has mastered crawling, and boy is he fast! Our cat has no life at all now, as soon as he lays eyes on the cat he is after her! The only place she seems to be fine is on our bed - something that is too high for Baby E too get onto! He keeps me constantly on my toes!
If he's not chasing the cat he is throwing all my ornaments off the shelves we have! Pretty sure he now thinks his name is 'No' now!

He is almost walking like I said, I don't think it will be long anyway! He walks with a little First Walker and again - is fast! We bought him his first pair of proper walking shoes last week as he was trying to walk in his little pram shoes with the soft soles so it was time to get a pair of hard soles!
Now we have, he is walking more and more - with the help of hand holding - but he is getting more and more confident!
He tries to walk himself but falls instantly! He's a trier! haha!

Another big milestone is that he got his first tooth - on his 8th month birthday! At least we will remember it!
He was pretty grumpy the day before and would stop playing with his toys to give out a little cry. So I knew something was up! The following day it had cut through!

I now notice the next one is poking at the gum! I did hear that once one comes they all come!

We also noticed he has said his first proper word! and no it wasn't DADA! It was MUM!!! Such a proud mummy moment!!
He has said it more than once and that is all really- other than mumbles!
And now it's all he says!  Daddy is very annoyed and is now drumming DAD into him! hahaa!

Such a busy couple of months! But they have been the most fun!

What was your 8 month old up too? I'd love to know!


  1. Christ nearly walking already! that's amazing. Penny still isn't even near crawling yet haha! xxx

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  3. wow! Eager beaver! Arjun is just a few weeks behind Elliot age wise but isn't even crawling yet (not that I'm in any rush!!). He's trying super hard but not getting very far lol. Amazing how quickly they grow right! Arj has two little tooth pegs - going to miss his gummy smile!

  4. Alexander refuses to say mum or mama, everything is dada. I'll say 'Can you say mama?' he'll reply, 'dada'. The day he actually says mama or mum will definitely be one of my happiest!

    Elliott sounds determined, especially with his walking. Alexander didn't start walking for quite some time, but once he got the hand of it, it quickly progressed from there. Be aware of a lot of falls in your future, no matter how much you keep your eye on him!
    Bits & Bobs

  5. Awesome - first tooth, first word and walking - quite a month! I'm pleased I can read your blog and see what troubles / pleasures to expect as we're 2 months behind you :)

  6. Aww what a lovely update. And how wonderful that he's saying Mum! :) xx

  7. It's true what they say the days are long but the years are short when it comes to parenting. Such a lovely update and yes my son's teeth always came in two's too

  8. Aww he seems to be reaching lots of milestones, what a good little man :)

    I'm the same with you, now that my 7 month old is crawling and pulling herself up on everything I hardly get any cuddles and the dogs are constantly being chased haha. Luckily the dogs quite enjoy the attention :)

    Can't wait to see photos of him walking, bet it won't be long x

  9. I'm so happy you got a 'mum' first. I hear about so many Dada's! My son still doesn't say Mum but I think it's because I'm not very interesting :)

  10. There should be laws against being that cute and cheeky looking! I'll bet he'll be walking by the time you do the next update ...

  11. Aww bless him what it is to be a baby hey such busy lives. Hope his tooth didn't cause him too much trouble. Such a handsome Lil man xx