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Monday, 16 February 2015

Calpol Vapour Plug!

One thing that I have been recommending to everyone I meet that even has the slightest of sniffles, is the Calpol Vapour Plug!

We have heard so many good reviews about the Calpol Vapour Plug (£6 - £7)  that when Baby E was all bunged up with the cold and could hardly breathe through his nose, we thought we would give it a shot.

It is a plug in vapouriser, so requires to be plugged into a wall, you are not allowed to plug it into an adaptor or the like.
The plug in needs a vapour strip - you get 5 included with the plug which need to be pushed into the slot just above the actual plug. The vapour strip states not to touch the strip - I am unsure what it contains that requires no handling.  It's not an issue as you can just use the packet it comes in to push it through the slot.

It also has a built in night light - which is super bright! A bright blue beacon that lights up the entire room. It was helpful when I went to check on him in the night. 

It states it is a night time plug, but we have used it during the day.

I would also say to plug it in an hour before you kiddie goes to bed, that's what we did. There is such a Strong mint scent that can be smelt throughout our house. Its is pretty strong but I noticed a remarkable difference with Baby E's stuffiness the next morning.

My snotty nosed boy was less snottery and could breathe through his nose again - something he was struggling to do the previous day.

I plugged it in that night and the next morning his cold had seem to have gone! No more sniffing, no more grumpiness - nothing!

I would say, the strips don't last that long, they do say they last for up to 16 hours. There was hardly any vapour fumes coming off it the second night.
So we change it after every night to get the full effect and banish all colds!

They are quite expensive, the actual plug costs £6.99 which like I said comes with 5 refill strips. We have since used all the strips and gone out to buy more. The refills are £5.50 for 5 strips! We just bought another plug in as it was a better deal!

As I have been raving about it so much, one of Baby E grandparents came down with a cold and asked to borrow it, they were thrilled with the outcome as their cold was almost gone after one night!

I know when we use it in our house we all benefit from the minty vapour!

I will continue to recommend this for years to come! I know that at the first sign of a sniffle this will be getting turned on!


  1. Think I need to get one of these for Molly!

    1. Yes defo! Its so good and instally banishes away a cold!! Hope you are both well!

  2. Hey hun...great review!

    WOW! Hello...why did I not know this existed before? I am so going to have to get one of these, and also thanks for the tip - it does seem better to just repurchase another plug if need be.

    Added to shopping list. Thanks!

    Sal xxx | UmmBaby