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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Safe and Secure

Since Baby E is now on the move, it has been much harder to leave him while I do things around the house.
So at the weekend we bought him a play pen!

It's not that he's crawling as such but he can get A to B - just worming his way along the floor! 
He gets up onto his knees - sometimes swaying back and forth the goes onto his belly, puts his bum in the air and pushes with his legs until he can get to places! 
Last week he managed to get from the living room to the hallway in the matter of a minute! (He was following the cat!) 
This is the longest he has travelled by himself and now he knows he can get to places there is now stopping this little man! 

Hence the reason for something to keep him in one place while I'm in the shower or tidying up etc! 

We bought the Lindam Safe and Secure Play Pen (£69.99) which has 5 sections which can be removed to make a smaller pen. It also has a door which is just like a stair gate - exactly the same opening and closing system! I thought it may be too big for the part of the living room it would fill, but I was wrong! We didn't need to remove any of the partitions and if fits perfectly. We bought the fabric one as it looks better than the metal ones. The Play Pen also comes with a cushioned floor which can be tied into the frame to keep it in place - this is also machine washable! Perfect for us as Baby E is a spewer! 
I did put down a quilt that we got given when Baby E was a baby as I think that would be much easier to chuck into the washing machine! 

Baby E was round when Jordan was putting it together and he wanted to be a part of it - rolling around and getting in Jordan's way! Haha! Once it was set up we pop his toys in it and let him have a play, he absolutely loved it, was playing away and I don't think he noticed us once! 
I'd like to think he think of the play pen as his 'safe place' where he can go and play and not have a care in the world! Even now as I wrote this he is playing in it - the door is open (it's always open unless I am not around) and he's screaming away to himself! 

I now feel at ease leaving him alone for a bit while I get ready or put the bins out knowing he is safe and won't do any harm to himself! 

Do you have a play pen for your cherubs?


  1. Not sure if my comment got through as it seems I wasn't properly logged in to Google. I wanted to say your little Elliott is one big trooper for getting around, and that he's really Lucky for having his play pen as his safe space.

    1. Aww thank you! No your comment didn't come through only got this one :) oh he loves it! Long may it continue! Thank you for commenting lovely xx

  2. Awww look at his play den! I should have got Molly one of these but if I dared trap her in one now she would scream the house down lol

    1. I thought that maybe he would be the same but he doesn't even look at me while he's pjsyinv in it! Was defo worth the money! I can now shower in peace again!

  3. I used a playpen for Alexander when he was a big younger... I was hesitant to when my mum first suggested it to me, but after I started using one (we didn't have an actual 'play pen', I turned his travel cot in to one) I was kind of like 'why didn't I start this sooner!'. Knowing your little one is safe and secure while you're busy doing other things is great, especially for peace of mind... And when your child enjoys the playpen, well, that's even better!
    Bits & Bobs

    1. Oh I know what you mean we were the same! But I just couldn't take my eyes off him for a second! Let alone shower in peace! Now he doesn't bother if you put him in it as he more than happy playing with all
      His toys! Thank you for commenting lovely xx