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Monday, 12 January 2015

Getting fruity!

One thing that is a permanet feature on our shopping list is fruit, and lots of it!

I have given Baby E fruit with every meal since we started the weaning process and i can confirm he loves the fruit more than the actual meal. Long may this continue!

We started with bananas at the early stages of weaning and now he loves them, so much so that i think he may turn into a monkey at any given time with the amount he eats!
We kept him on bananas for a couple of weeks and the graually added more fruit to the mix.

He now eats fruit like its going out of fashion, which im not going to complain about at all!

The only fruit hes not too keen on are apples, but i introduced it at the start of the weaning process so i may try this again.

One fruit that he is loving almost more than bananas are oranages, I'm still too scared that he may choke on a whole segment so i usually half the segment and then give it too him.
I sent the other half to the shops for oranges over the festive period and he came back with large oranges. At first i as unsure as the segments are huge! So i cute a small part of it into a triangle shape and let him hold it and suck all the juice out.
He now perfers to do this with the oranges now - even the small ones.  Then spits the segment out of his mouth then signals for some more to do exactly the same with!

Another we have just recently tried is a pear. He wasn't too keen on these but once i took the hard skin off them he happily munched on it.

We have tried lot of fruits like pineapple, mangoes, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries. All were a success!

What kind of fruits does your little ones enjoy?


  1. It's lovely when they really enjoy their food, especially when it's something like fruit. My little ones love fruit too - bananas and oranges are big hits here too :-)

    1. It is isn't it! It's now making me eat more fruit and hopefully loose some excess weight! Haha!
      He's constantky eating fruit! Much better than sweeties :)

      Thank you got commenting xx

  2. we give our two loads of fruit, pears, kiwi and mango are big hits here x

    1. Oh never thought of kiwi! Thanks! Yes I'm glad he's a big lover of fruit! Makes me eat more too! Thank you for commenting xx

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  4. Aria is a fruit lover too! Have you tried dried apricots? They're big enough not to choke on and are a tasty little teething food to! :)

    Nicola x

    1. Oh no I've not gave him any dried fruits! Will have to pick done up the next time I'm shopping!
      Thank you :) also thank you for commenting xx

  5. Have you given Elliott any dried fruit? We've only given Alexander raisins in the way of dried fruit but he quite enjoys those. All fruit we've given him he enjoys... But he is getting to that stage now where food time becomes a time for fuss. He doesn't like clementines or broccoli anymore (not that broccoli is a fruit. haha), apparently. I still give them to him though because if we just didn't he could very well stop eating them as a whole and broccoli is a daily dinner staple for us!
    Bits & Bobs

    1. No I haven't! Think I'll head to the shops and stock up! Never thought of dried fruit to be honest! I have hiven him raisins or anything like that as I think he's maybe a bit young for them! Oh I've never given broccoli either! Will defo have to go food shopping now! Thank you for commenting xx