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Friday, 9 January 2015

December Favourites

I was thinking of what to post for today and realised that we are almost 2 weeks into January and I haven't done my December favourites! Crazy how fast these things crop up.  I do hope this year doesn't go as fast as last year.

So with that here is my December favourites!

We bought Elliott a dressing gown maybe the first week of December as I knew that it was getting colder and the house in the morning is slightly colder - and I use a dressing gown myself when I get up! I usually keep Baby E in his PJ's until after his breakfast so that his outfit doesn't get ruined with porridge! So this is perfect for slipping over the top of them while he waits for breakfast!
He looks absolutely adorable in it! And looks super cosy! 
He got another one for his Christmas from his auntie, so we always have a spare incase it's dirty and in the wash! 

Another thing we've both been loving is bed time stories! 
We never really read to him from birth and only the last couple of months he's gotten right into books, so much so that when he sees one he squeals until I pick it up and give it to him! I love the time we just cosy up and read, gives me such a fuzzy feeling! We now read a book every night before bed. Long may the book reading continue! 

Baby E has a dummy, he's had one since he was 3 weeks old, the midwife suggested we gave him one - but ill touch on that with another post! But as he is now 6 months I thought we should change up the dummies for the 6 month+ as he was using 0+ 
I swear by the MAM dummies, I love the way they look and feel. I am a bit strange with dummies and I like the clear dummies that have a colourful bit in the middle, I hate seeing big colourful dummies, so these ones suited us fine. He really only wants a dummy at nap times or when it's bed time, I'm pretty lucky that he doesn't need it during the day. These particular dummies are glow in the dark and are great at night times if he's moaning he can't find his dummy! These dummies were on special at £3.50 which is a bargain considering they are normally nearer £5! May need to stock up on more!

I featured these in yesterday's post, but they make bath time so much more fun! The little sea creatures are just super cute and they flash when in the water, great for babies that enjoy bright lights and flashing things like mine does! I bought these from Aldi for about £3/£4! Amazing price for such a great toy that will be played with for many years (or until the batteries run out...) but for now they are a firm favourite in the bath! 

Not much I can say about the next item but it's another thing Baby E is majorly loving, which are yogurts! 
He has one with lunch and tea and sometimes one for a snack! My little yoghurt monster! 

What have you or your little ones been loving throughout Decemeber? I'd love to know! 


  1. Awwww love the dressing gown. keep meaning to get one for Mols but always forget.
    Giraffes can't dance is our favourite book at the moment too. 10p bargains.

    1. Its so cute isnt it! He looks super cute in it too! Giraffes can dance is by far my fav book! absolutely love it!

  2. giraffes can't dance is great. Another good one my two love is Say Goodnight to the sleepy animals. we read it every night to Daniel from age 6 months to 22 months and he loves it x

    1. It is one of my favs for sure! I do love a good rhyming book! Oh ive never heard of that one, will defo look out for it! Thank you x

  3. Ah thats such an adorable dressing gown, i got my little bro one but didn't come in time for xmas so will have to be a little bday treat, they look so cute in them ;) it's got little ears on th ehood haha xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. Aww that sounds absolutely the cutest dressing gown ever!! You will need to take a pic and show me when he has it on for sure! I think he looks super cute in his and im glad he has two! haha! Thank you for commenting love! have a lovely day xxx

  4. My son has a dressing gown too - our house is beyond cold - and he looks like a little old grandpa in it. It's too cute. Haha!

    I've a dummy related post coming up, although not until next month. I'll be sharing our experience of dummy weaning.
    Bits & Bobs