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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Mother and Toddlers fun!

I have been looking into taking Baby E to some baby classes so that he can mix with other children.

I felt he was too young to take him when he was only a couple of months old and at that point he was sleeping in until after 9:30am.

Most classes start at 9am and I didn't want to muck up his sleeping as back then it was brilliant! 

Since the clocks have gone back in October, he has started to waken up about 8/8:30am. Which I expected. 

A lot of other things took priority over enrolling him in classes, such as teething, colds etc.

So I said about November/December time that I would introduce him to the local Mother and Toddler class in January. New year, new start and all that.

He is now at the age where he wants to get involved and wants to be a part of everything, rather than lay in my arms and cuddle. 

So today it was the Mother and Toddlers group meet.
It started at 9:30am - which was ideal as Baby E was up just after 8am.
So once I got ready, got him fed and watered and changed it was just after 9am.

As we have had snow for the last couple of days the weather wasn't the greatest. It wasn't snowing when we went out so I thought I would chance it and take it slow. The group meet is not accessible without a car - just incase you thought I was being lazy! 

After getting there, (the roads weren't that bad at all!) I was met with lovely friendly faces. They all greeted me and offered me endless cups of tea! 

I let Baby E interact with all the other children there. He was the youngest there, the second youngest would have been about 1 and a half. They did say it's normally busier and that lots of little babies do come but I presume because of the weather they decided to stay in and keep warm! 

Baby E had a blast! One little girl was totally taken with him and was offering her toys to him and even getting toys for him. He enjoyed the attention and was squealing away! 

Sadly, the weather took a turn for the worst and the snow came down thick and fast. 
I made the decision to leave early (all the other mums lived close by with no car needed) 
The road home was completely white and I was glad I left early as in the time it took me to get home the roads were completely white with no tracks to be seen! 

We were there for just over an hour and it must have tired Baby E out as he was sound asleep in the back of the car and didn't wake up when I took him out - even putting him in his cot he didn't stir! 

I will most definitely be going back next week - weather dependant! It was good to see other mums in our area and Baby E had fun socialising! 

I'm hoping to take him to more groups now I know he was more than happy to be there! 

Do you take your little ones to any groups ? Do they love going?


  1. Go you! Brave move going. I am definitely taking M to a group next week, though I guess the library groups is a group and so I have maybe been doing groups already?

    1. Thank you! Was pretty nervous! But defo going to keep it up! Yes you already take Molly to groups :) haha!

  2. I was taking Daniel to every group I could find when he was a baby, we used to love them. Now the three of us go to two playgroups and one 'class' a week. I like the structured element of the Jo Jingles class that we do as it introduces D&E to routines and they know at what stage we do each thing.

    Groups are so important to go to I think x