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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Having a ball!

The one thing we love doing is going to the soft play centre and having a good old play about!
Baby E loves the ball pit and was very happy to be in there, which got us thinking. We would get him a ball pit for Christmas!

We did a small sized one from Tesco back in October/November time. We actually gave it to him before Christmas about November to be exact, because I was excited to see if he'd like it and if he would play with it and have the same amount of fun as at the soft play centre....
Oh how wrong could I be!! 

He hated it! Cried EVERY time we put him in it - fantastic! 
So it was swiftly packed up and put away.

We took it out again about a week before Christmas and again he was having none of it! - brilliant! 
We never bothered taking it out at Christmas as I knew he wouldn't appreciate the present! 

I sort of forgot about it as it was in his walk in wardrobe (the one that has hardly anything of Baby E's in it, more a store for all our things we don't have places for yet!)
But a couple of days into January I took it out to see if he would play with it (he now was using some of the balls on his bath and was still playing with the ones at the soft play centre) 
I popped him in it and he was quite happy playing it in and trying to shove the whole ball in his mouth! 
Everyday I would pop him in it while I was getting his clothes ready for the day. It lives his his bedroom! 
Slowly he got confidence and now has a whale of a time in his ball pit! 
He kicks his legs wildly, throws the balls around, blows raspberries to the balls and just has a great time! 

I'm not sure what's changed but I do think it has a lot to do with his balance as when we first took it out he couldn't sit so we just laid him on the balls. 

One thing I do know is that it has a permanent space in Baby E's bedroom and I think I'll be finding rouge balls for years to come!! 

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