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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Dummy Dilemma

Yesterday's post got me thinking about the certain type of dummies Baby E prefers or I prefer.

The one thing I hate is seeing a child with a big colourful dummy in its mouth. 
I love the discreet kind, I usually go for the translucent ones from Advent, or the clear ones from MAM.

We have a few from each brand and I must admit I liked the Advent ones more for not being in your face, I loved the fact the outer edge was clear and the middle bit of the dummy was a light/pale shade and they are small on the face.
The MAM ones are clear, and have a cute little design on the middle bit but for me they are slightly too big for my liking. 

As I said yesterday, Baby E really only needs a dummy at night, so he gets whatever's at hand but I do like the MAM glow in the dark dummies, as they are easier to find at night! 
I like to take the Advent ones out with us as like I said before they are discreet, so don't look odd if he does want a dummy while out. 

As he is now at the 6 month mark I thought I would buy him the 6 month + dummies, it's so hard to find the clear dummies in the bigger size! I found the MAM too be that little bit bigger in size (I thought the newborn was big) as for the Advent ones, I am struggling to find the clear ones in 6 month plus! 

I may check online for my 'perfect' dummies for 6 month+ but like I said yesterday, here's hoping we only need a dummy at bedtime! 

1 comment:

  1. hope you get sorted. I am like you, not a big fan of seeing huge colourful dummies x