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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Sippy cup lovin'

The one thing I know if that my little boy loves to try everything, this was no difference when I introduced him to a sippy cup!

We started with the sippy cup when he was just about 5 months, he only got it with his meals - and usually had milk in it!

We gave him it at meal times so he could have a drink if thirsty, he didn't really understand and to be honest most of it when down his bib and onto his tshirt! 

We persisted, he wasn't one to give up easily, and it had sort of become a game to him, a game that if you lifted it up high enough something would come out! 

Fast forward to today, he loves his sippy cup! 
As he now gets 3 meals a day with a snack in between at his high chair he now looks for it when he sits in it. He now understands that if he is thirsty the sippy cup is there for him to quench his thirst.
And we rarely have spillage, although saying that, now he's much stronger he manages to throw it on the floor which has resulted in a cracked sippy cup! *shakes fist*

We now have a new sippy cup to the original Tommee Tippee one, it's a lot larger and can hold more water - perfect if we are out for the day! 
We bought it for £2 out of B&M and has Mickey Mouse on it - so I think we were onto a winner anyway! It was an experiment to see if he would take to another - which he did instantly. So I am off out to buy another one just incase this sippy cup has the same ending as the old one! 

I think when he's a bit older I might switch him into a water bottle with a flexible straw which you can slide away when not in use, my friend has one and we tried Baby E on it and he was just chewing the straw! I'm sure one day he will figure it out and we can move him onto something that's a little more robust! 

How well did your little one take to a sippy cup? 

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