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Monday, 8 December 2014

No more sleepless nights!

I haven't updated you guys on the sleeping situation! MY BABY SLEEPS AGAIN!

We had a really hard time maybe a month ago when Baby E decided he would sleep for an hour and wake up crying wanting to be picked up. After about 4 hours of this we eventually gave in and picked him up and popped him in our bed.  I am pretty stubborn so don't want him in our bed every night so keeping him in his bed for as long as possible seems the easiest option... It wasn't! 
After many, many sleepless nights of trying everything under the sun, let me tell you what we did!
Nothing has really changed in terms of naps or feeds. 

I did find that he was waking himself up when he was rolling over onto his tummy and unable to roll himself into his back.
I did have a think that it could be his sleeping bag that was causing it as he was able to roll over and was not able to roll back into his back, he naps in his cot without one and was sleeping longer at naps than actually at bed times, so I removed the sleeping bag and put plenty of layers on him and that night we got the most sleep we'd had that month! 
I did check on him when we went to bed and he was still on his back - usually he was on his side with the sleeping bag.
Since removing the sleeping bag I was worried he would get cold, the temp in his room is between 19c - 20c so it's pretty toasty, but I noticed he took the cover with him and was almost always on him in the morning! 

The other thing I did (I did this when he was a newborn too) was to roll up a towel and put and item of clothing I had been wearing around it too so he felt close to me even though I wasn't there, this also helped I think and gave him the security of me 'being there' when in fact I was having a peaceful sleep in my own bed! 

Since doing this he goes to bed easily even at nap time he is out like a light! 
Maybe his teeth don't bother him too much at nights now - who knows! 
All I know is I love getting a full nights sleep! 


  1. That's good that he is sleeping again! Must make you feel so much better too.

    1. I know, thank god! I feel so much better! A good nights sleep unbroken is better than i remembered! haha! x

  2. Oh bless you. Babies and sleeping really doesn't go well together does it. But it sounds as though you've turned a corner - and I'm dead impressed as this is still early days if you ask me! We still have problems now with Little E at 21 months!! And I am totally loving your clothing roll idea!!! I am most definitely going to tell this to my friends who are due to give birth over the next month or so! Thanks again for linking up xx Steph xx

  3. It is horrible when your child doesn't sleep and you are completely shattered. You just want to help them sleep better but don't know what to do! The towel with your clothing wrapped around it sounds like a fantastic idea. I might have to try it as my 19 month old daughter really doesn't sleep. I hope he continues to sleep well and that you get to spend many more hours tucked up in your own bed. Thanks so much for linking up with #SundaysStars. I am so sorry it has taken me this long to comment on your post. Hugs Mrs H xxxx