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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Lunchtime mess!

So today we tried to let Baby E feed himself with his own baby safe cutlery! And wow, I was not prepared for this!!

Baby E loves food, and has recently been grabbing at the spoon I have been feeding him with and eats every last drop. 
So at lunchtime I decided to put mashed carrots infront of him and give him a baby designed spoon, we have MAM ones which are specifically designed for 6 months plus and the first stages of self feeding!
The set of cutlery we used was the Dipper Set (£5.25*) 

He understood to put the spoon in his hand and put it into the bowl, although this wasn't as easy as it seems, he sort of slapped the spoon in causing the food to splash everywhere and all over his clothes! He was wearing a bib too!!
Then I guided the spoon with a little carrots to his mouth which he managed to bypass his mouth and make the food land on his cheek and eyebrow! 
I was fine with this as it was just a blip right?!

The next bit might have you laughing and thinking "better you than me!" 

He started splashing the food more in the bowl and threw the spoon away - so while I went to retrieve said spoon, the mess I was greeted with was mental! 
The food was no longer only on the cheek and eyebrow... It was all over his hands which he must have touched his head as it was all mushed into his hair and was even in his EAR!! I then saw that he had scraped the food onto the high chair tray and onto his lap! 

He was only out of my view for the matter of 15 seconds!! 

am so glad I have a tiled floor in the kitchen! 

He also knew what he had done as he was smiling and laughing... *fist shake*

This was the worst decision I have ever made since becoming a new mum! Haha!

An impromptu bath at half past twelve in the afternoon was not what was intended today! 

I think I will be feeding him myself from now on until he can be trusted with cutlery! Haha!


  1. Ha ha! This is a lovely post.
    My little miss is now one, and I have just accepted the fact that meal times are messy. I once found watermelon on the ceiling!
    Keep trying though - we did this and we now have a very confident eater!!! xxx

  2. Oh my! What a mess!! But oh my, what a cute little mess too!!! Especially with the giggling and smiling afterwards!! They totally know don't they. I'd like to say it gets better, but I'd be lying - haha!! It's all fun though eh! Xxx thanks for linking up lovely xxx

  3. Oh, the joys of weaning. It is a messy experience. Just wait until he tries to eat spaghetti bolognese
    now that is fun!!!! Thanks for linking another fab post to #SundaysStars and once again I am sorry that it has taken me so long to comment on your post. Hugs Mrs H xxxx