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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My emotions are wild!

Recently, I have been getting very emotional.  I know my hormones don't calm down for up to a year after birth but they've been fine up until these last few days.

It's not over anything that I could have done better or missed out on, it's over the amount of love I have for my little boy, it might sound silly but when Baby E is cuddled up in my arms and I look down at him and I have so much love for him that I am overcome with emotion and yes I have had a few tears just staring at him.
Even when he's in his bed and been sleeping for a while I nip through just to check up on him, and he's just lying there looking so peaceful and prefect that I just feel that my hearts away to burst and I leave his room and have a tear in my eye. 

I'm overcome with emotion everytime he does something new - like the first time he rolled over - I was the happiest mummy ever and nothing could wipe that smile off my face! I managed to get it on video and sent it to everyone! 

He's now copying us when we clap at him and it's just the cutest thing ever. He gets so excited when I go through in the morning and has so many smiles and stories and this is another thing that makes my heart melt!

Even thinking back to giving birth I couldn't take my eyes off him and up to this day is still exactly the same. I am loving every moment of it, and I know every mum will say that, but I truly mean it. 

Even now writing this post there are tears in my eyes, I am the proudest mummy ever and I just want to constantly give him a cuddle and I don't want to miss one thing! 

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  1. I am the same. I thought I was going mad. I often find myself with tears in my eyes when I watch M or when I just think about her. When I think of her birth a get so emotional. Everything about her makes me well up. I also check up on her in bed about 100 times a night.