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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Our teething journey... So far!

Teething is a tough time on both baby and parent, and it's not any different for us!

Baby E has been showing the signs of teething since he was about 3 and a half months, maybe nearer 4 months, and boy they don't prepare you for this at all! 

He wasn't bad at the early stages, just hands in mouth, drooling and red cheeks. But nothing I couldn't cope with! 
I did a bit of research on remedies for teething and most website as well as some family and friends pointed me in the direction of Amber Teething Anklets. 
I bought one. They have healing qualities that are to reduce pain and redness - everything that come with teething. 
Once it came we popped it on and within the hour the rosy red cheeks had disappeared and the drooling to a minimum (I was changing bibs every hour due to drool and this quickly changed to 2 bibs a day!) 

A couple of weeks later my sleeping all night baby turned into a waking every hour baby! 
I then decided we needed to do more than just use the Amber Teethkng Anklet so bought everything under the sun, Teething Gel, Teething Powders, Teething Rings - you name it we tried it! 
These didn't work for us at all and if they did it was for the matter of an hour! Baby E didn't take to the Teething Rings either and I didn't want to force them on him.

As I said in a previous post I saw someone in a resturant putting teething gel onto a dummy and putting it in the child's mouth and instantly the screaming child was silent, so we decided to give it a go and this helped a lot! As soon as he was screaming in pain some Teething Gel onto a dummy cures everything! (We were still using the anklet as I feel it's reducing the drooling and the redness in his face)

I asked on Twitter and looked at some others blog on teething and when MAM got in touch and said they would like to send us a teether I quickly took up thier offer! 
We were sent the starter teether (£5.75) and I was excited to try it out on my little man, so I gave it a good wash and sterilised it and once cool gave it to Baby E.
Now he never took the the big chunky teething rings that were filled with water and cold to hold (I think it was purely because of that) but instantly he grabbed the slim, lightweight ring with both hands and stuck it right in his mouth! 
The strap is great too, it's not long enough to go round the neck but I would never leave him unattended with it, I simply clip it onto his top and he is free to chomp on it whenever he feels like it - which is all the time! 
He loves to grind his gums on the different textures of the ring, one half of the ring is a rubber texture with bumps and grooves and the other is a hard plastic also with bumps and grooves.  

This is now a permanent fixture to Baby E's outfit and I think we'd be lost without it! We are still using the dummy and teething gel but this teether takes his mind off the soreness as he is more in interested in the textures and concentrates with holding it and if he drops it - picking it up! 
He has once sat for a good half an hour chomping on it in silence! 

This is something I don't think I would pick up - due to him not being interested in the other rings we've bought him, but I am so greatful for MAM for helping my baby through this tough time and I will be recommending it to anyone and everyone that complains of a teething baby! 


  1. Glad the teether is helping - it's not a fun time when those teeth are trying to come through. My little ones used to chew on various toys which seemed to help. Hope those teeth come through soon without too much more trouble x

  2. Teething is tough, but it's great that you found something that works for you and the little one. My son started teething quite early on, but it took forever (like six months) for his first tooth to come out - two cut at the same time. I'm sure your experience will be better than that as your son clearly loves the teether,; mine refused it the entire time!
    Bits & Bobs