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Friday, 5 December 2014

A hard week!

This week has been one of the hardest since Baby E was born I think.

He was and still is a good baby but these teeth that are coming in has turned him into a no sleeping devil child. 

Actually he's not that bad! The sleepless nights have gone and he is now back down to sleeping from 7pm - 8am! Maybe only getting up once for some teething gel on his dummy! So I cannot really complain on that one! 

It's just the last few days he has started to become extra clingy! Now, Baby E's pretty independant and likes playing on his own and hardly ever stops for a cuddle on the couch with mum. And I know in my last post I said that I miss these cuddles. But I have an Baby E permanently attached to me! It's not even as if he wants to cuddle, he doesn't know what he wants!
If he's sitting - he wants to stand! If he's standing - he wants on his belly, if he's on his belly - he wants to be sitting, get the jist! 
Oh and if I even attempt to leave the room commence a screaming match until I step foot back into the room he is in! 
I can't even go to the toilet without some sort of crying match! 

He's not bad in the morning or at night, mainly the afternoon, so I'm unsure if his teeth are only bothering him in the afternoon and he's unsure of what's happening and wants constant reassurance and security and feels if I'm not there the pain will be ten times worse?! Who knows, but one thing I do know is that I never knew how tiring it was! 
Que another shock to the system! 

I'm so glad I have my sleep back so I suppose I cannot complain that in the daytime he's a bit clingy! 

Has your little one ever been this clingy when teething? 

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