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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Manners cost nothing

Today made me realise that I don't want Baby E to grow up disrespecting anyone, I want him to respect what anyone tells him and takes a telling.

This was brought to my attention today when we were out with my friend and her little girl in a soft play centre and two older children were jumping around the baby section. Although I have no problem with older children being in there as long as they are careful - and we have been there when there has been older children and they were fine. But these two were just doing anything to be rough. First they were jumping around, I had no problem with this until they were almost jumping on Elliott! I did tell them to watch where they were jumping as there was a baby, but was told swiftly 'and' then two minuets later they were throwing the ball pit balls towards our children, my friend ask them to be careful as there were babies around but she also was told 'no' and on various occasions they stole the toys that our babies were playing with. By this time we had had enough and left to order some food, I feel annoyed that was felt we needed to leave for fear that one of them would hurt our child.
The point was the parents were sitting right behind the play area and I'm sure could hear us continuously saying 'be careful' yet they didn't bat an eyelid or remove their children from the BABY section! 

I would hate for Baby E to be anything like that when he is older and if he did happen to throw a ball he would apologise or if an adult did say be careful he would take heed of that. 
What worries me is that he is being brought up in a society that is like those two boys who have no respect for anyone and will answer back to an adult. This I am not okay about. I was always told to respect my elders and had that drummed into me from a young age, as I will be doing with Baby E. 

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