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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

5 Month weigh in

The last time we saw the Health Visitor was when Baby E was 12 weeks and a healthy 14 lb - perfect on his charts - I was told that if I wished to visit the drop in clinics I could from now on as she didn't need to see is every week or two and both Elliott and I were doing fine.

I decided that I would go to the drop in clinic every month near his 'birthday' I missed it last month, not sure why to be honest.
The clinic is open only on a Tuesday between 2pm and 3pm on a first come, first serve basis which I was more than happy about! 

So today we decided to go along and get him weighed and checked over. I have no concerns with him and I know he's a happy and healthy little boy. 
As it was the first time we had gone I didn't really know what to expect really, first of all I got lost getting to the room! Carrying a changing bag, a baby and getting flustered you can't find the room was not how I imagined my afternoon anyway! 

Once I eventually (!) got to the room there were a couple of mums in front of me, one with a 8 week old baby girl and 10 month old boy. They were undressing their children so I thought I would do the same, there were two health visitors - one of which was the one that had seen us through out, so I felt at ease - I got him weighed and was told he weighs 16 lb. I also forgot to take his child health book which was a bit annoying as I don't know if he's put on too much or he's not put on enough, but when we got home I checked the book and saw that he was bang on with his weight! So I feel so much better about what I'm feeding him (see yesterday's post) and how much I'm feeding him! 

So all in all, he has put on 2lbs in two months, which is 1lb a month! 

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