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Monday, 10 November 2014

How much is too much?

We have had a quiet day in the house and getting all the washing done and ironed! Boring!
Although Baby E did try his first raspberry! 
I was eating some and he was eyeing them up, thought I would let him try it, 4 raspberries later his face looked like he had gone mental with my red lipstick! 

It got me thinking a lot about what he eats and how much he eats, I am constantly worried that I may over feed him or under feed - how much is too much?!
He is coming up for 5 months and I feel he eats too much for a baby of that age but he never brings any back up and is happy enough for 3/4 hours.  So am I feeding him enough? I haven't had Baby E weighed in over a month, ive decided to get him weighed every month near his "birthday" which will be this week! 
I am not concerned about his weight at all, he's a very happy and healthy boy.

On a normal day Baby E gets a 7oz bottle at 6am (ish) and then a bowl of porridge with a mashed banana mixed in about 9:30/10am and then 7oz bottle at 1pm , some puréed veg at about 4pm and then his last bottle about 7pm. 

I know this doesn't seem much but I'm worried that his portion size is too much, sometimes he can polish off a whole jar of food! And I'm pretty sure if I let him he would munch a banana at every meal time! Maybe he is just a 'growing boy' but what happens when I introduce food for lunch instead of his bottle and then he soley relies on food for his nurishments etc and I'm not giving him enough or I'm giving him too much...! 

Have you ever thought about this or have you any tips on portion sizes? 


  1. We asked the HV about this. She said a fist is a portion and baby should have around a fist from the three food groups.
    This is a good pic guide http://eczemablues.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Toddler-Nutrition-portion.jpg

    1. Ah! thats good to know! i didnt even know anything! will go have a look at the link :) thank you!