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Friday, 14 November 2014

5 months old

I feel like it was just yesterday I was writing up Baby E's 4 month post!

I feel time is going far too quickly and he is growing up so fast as now he is 5 months old and becoming a proper little character!

I can see his personality coming out and he is such a cheeky little boy that has smiles for anyone and has me most definitely wrapped around his little finger! 

I actually had to look through my old posts to see what we had done! 

The first post was introducing new foods which was a banana! Baby E is still loving his daily banana and I'm sure if I let him he would just live off bananas! I'm not one for eating bananas but now I have to make sure there are always bananas in the house! 

We also had his first ever halloween, which I loved, he looked so cute in his little costume and we even went to a little party! I can't wait for next year when he will be able to understand it a bit more and you get so cute costumes for 1+ year olds! 

Another thing was that Baby E's now interacting with others, as in my friends nine month old daughter! This makes me so happy as I want Baby E to grow up with children his age and at the moment we aren't attending any baby groups so having a friend with a baby close in age with Baby E makes me very happy! 

Along with that I'm looking to put Baby E into a baby sensory group but I thought I would try something myself so with a bowl of flour and a stripped down baby  we went to town having fun! Although he was swiftly dunked in the bath afterwards! This is something I am going to be continuing as it was so much fun and Baby E has a ball! 

And lastly we had Baby E's first bonfire night! I can't wait until next year when he's that little bit older and knows what's going on and can take it all in! He wasn't bothered about the fireworks but was mesmerised by the fire! 

I can't believe that my little dude is 5 months old already! Time really does fly when you're having fun! 

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