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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Fun with Flour

I have been looking into enrolling Baby E into a baby sensory class as it looks fun for him and also gives him the social skills he needs.
My friend said she gave her daughter some flour and she loved making a mess. 
So today I decided to give it a go myself! 

I popped a protective cover on the floor under his high chair and stripped Baby E down to his nappy and popped him into his high chair! 
I did pour flour into a bowl but he was just grabbing at it so I tipped it out onto the top and that's when his face lit up! 
He had so much fun slamming his hands into the flour and grabbing at it. I was actually amazed that he didn't try and put it in his mouth.
I supervised him throughout - only leaving him for a couple of minutes while I went to run him a bath as the mess he got himself into was unreal! It was all over his head and body!

There was hardly any flour on the ground too which I was very surprised with - the high chair which was once green was a lovely shade of white! After using many, many baby wipes it is back to its pre flour self! 

After Baby E had his bath he fell sound asleep - clearly making a mess took it out of him! 

I will definitely be doing this again, the smile on his face says it all! 

Have you done anything like this with your little one? 

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