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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

October Favourites

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October seemed to go past very quickly, I love this time of year with the leaves turning orange,crisper mornings, lighting autumnal candles and of course the cosy jumpers! 

Now onto what we were loving throughout October!

The first was a present brought by Baby E's grandparents when the visited Disneyland Paris while on holiday.  A Tigger hoody! I'm in love with it so much so that I wished it came in adult sizes! It is super cosy and I know it will do Baby E right through the colder weather, im unsure of the price as it was a gift but I'm assuming it was on the more expensive side! 

The other item of clothing that we (everyone) was loving was Baby E's first Halloween costume! I bought this Dracula all in one suit from Tesco for £8 in the size Up to 3 months as I feel Tesco is usually on the bigger side. I bought it two weeks before Halloween, I tried it on that evening and it fit him well but sadly on Halloween his legs must have grown as the were half masts! But when added red socks I don't think anyone noticed! I'm sad he can't wear this again but it has been put in our keepsake box! 

Next is one of Baby E's favourties! Bananas! I introduced bananas a couple of weeks ago and they were such a hit with him that now he has half a banana for breakfast and the other half with his tea everyday! I'm sure he is away to turn into a monkey!

The next one is something everyone in our household has been loving! Baby E came down with a sniffly nose a couple of weeks ago, I was recommended Olbus Oil! I pop it onto a tissue in his room every night and it seemed to have shifted it.  But just the other day both me and Baby E have come down withs cold - me more than him - so again we've been out with the Olbus Oil! 

You know a product that you've just discovered and kick yourself that you didn't buy it sooner? I had that with this little tub! It has 3 compartments and has a cap on the top. You pop the desired amount of milk powder in each compartment so that when your out you can simply just add your water into your bottles and carry this with you and tip it into the bottle when required! 
We use this everyday and I cannot see myself without it! The compartments are big enough, we put 7 scoops of powder in and add Gaviscon as Baby E has reflux and it is pretty close to the top so I wouldn't add anymore powder but for us it's just fine! I bought this from Asda for £2! 

Lastly is something we've all been loving, reading! 
We have read to Baby E pretty much from day 1 but I don't think he was all that interested but now he is at a good age that he is taking everything in and getting involved - even trying to turn the page! I really hope Baby E enjoys reading as much as I did when I was young! 


  1. The tigger hoody is gorgeous, I love picking/getting things from disneyland, I am obsessed with the nightmare before christmas pieces xx


    1. its so cosy too! will be getting maximum usage! haha. xo