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Thursday, 6 November 2014

First Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is one of my favourites and we really wanted to share the experience with Baby E. I hummed and ahhhed about taking him out in the freezing cold and the bonfire we would be attending (which was just 2 minutes away so if he got scared or cried we could get him home easily!) didn't start until 7pm and Baby E is going to bed then - sometimes earlier that!

Baby E is only 4 and a half months and one of my biggest worries was that he was too young and would be sleepy and the bangs of the fireworks would give him a fright.  But looking online and reading other parents blogs about taking their little ones to their first bonfire really made me want to take him. 

Like I said the bonfire we attended was only 2 minutes away and I wrapped him up so cosy that I was jealous of how many layers he had on once out the house! I also packed an extra bottle of milk incase he got so upset I could have settled him with some milk. I needn't have worried though! 

Once in the car Baby E was sound asleep and didn't even wake up when we put him in the pram. I wasn't too fussed that he was asleep as it was his bedtime afterall. He did wake up 10 minutes before the fireworks started and he wasn't fazed by them at all! He was glued to the fire and didn't take his eyes off it! 

He was getting very sleepy about half an hour in and was snuggled into me, we left just after the fireworks has finished and got him back in the car and he was sound asleep by the time we got home! 
I even managed to get him undressed and into a sleeping bag all while he was out for the count! 

I think our first bonfire night was a success!

How did your little one cope with the bonfire and fireworks? 


  1. Awww cute! Molly loved them. Was giggling away at one point. Wanted to take her yesterday but she was in bed by 6pm! Can't wait until she is much older and has sparklers and knows what is happening.

    1. aww how cute! :) yeah elliott was pretty tired! hopefully next year he will be more awake and actually look at the fireworks this year! haha!

  2. Awh that's so lovely, glad it was close by too ours was at the seafront down the round so luckily about 1/2 minutes away too :) xx


    1. aww that sounds lovely! hope you had a lovely time! xo