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Thursday, 20 November 2014

A new way to shop!

Over the weekend Baby E had another first!
The first time in a supermarket trolley!

I was unsure of how old, weight etc they needed to be before using one, he is very strong and can sit up straight with support and has a strong neck so I felt he would cope well enough.
So on a whim I thought I would try him in one and if it failed miserably it wasn't the end of the world!

I normally do the weekly food shop on a Monday but this week was a Saturday (must have ate more food last week!) and I usually put his car seat into the trolley and pack the food around him - usually there is more than enough space although has held the eggs on occasion! 
But this was getting harder and harder for me to do, with him getting heavier and lifting a car seat into the bottom of trolley is pretty difficult when you're on your own!

So I popped him into the trolley and strapped him down and he was very excited to have a different view! His head would not stay still with constant moving for side to side taking everything in!
He is at that age where everything amazes him and he enjoys looking around him! 
He did get slightly bored by the end of it but a loose packet of crisps sorted that out and the once quit aisle was very noisy with a baby happy screeching and the russle of a crisp packet! 

I felt that he did very well sitting for the long period of time and letting me get on with the food shop with no tears or fuss! 

I think now I've passed the inital step I will continue to put him into the trolley which in turn will be making my shopping experience easier and hassle free! 

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