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Friday, 21 November 2014

Variety at breakfast!

Every food I have put down for Elliott he has eaten - expect for apples!
And I am hoping this continues as the last thing I want is a fussy baby. 

I first introduced toast to Baby E one morning when he was moaning for his breakfast but I hadn't made it up, he doesn't have any teeth but he was happily chopping with his gums, I don't think he ever ate any, but it was a messy affair with it becoming mushed into his hair - que bath being swiftly run! 
I wasn't too bothered he didn't eat it and it kept him amused while I got his porridge and banana ready. 

I hadn't tried him with toast since, purely because I was organised with his breakfast that was until this morning...!

I am usually awake with when Daddy leaves for work but this morning I didn't even hear him go out the door and woke to Baby E playing with toys in his cot - at 9:20am!
I must have been needing it (I was also up til God knows what time redesigning my layout!) 
As Baby E was getting restless I quickly popped some bread in the toaster and got him up. 
This time he loved his toast and most of it went into his mouth! So much so that he didn't want his porridge and banana! I mean banana is his favourite food ever!! 

So I put another slice of toast on for him and he happily munched away, granted it did take longer for him to be finished but I had one happy little boy that was feeding himself! Who needs mum anyway?! 

I will definitely be giving him more variety at breakfast time! 
Anything else I can try him with? Let me know! 


  1. Oh how lovely! Toast is a favourite here too, know just what you mean about it getting mashed into their hair though! Scrambled egg is also quite popular but very messy. How lovely that you got to sleep in to 9.20am - sounds like it was much needed!

  2. I think he likes variety, so maybe porridge everyday is a bit boring! ooh scrambled egg, might try that out one day! thank you for commenting love xo