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Monday, 6 October 2014


Beauisblue, beau is blue, weaking

We are starting to wean Baby E. I know you are meant to wait until they are six months, but he just couldn't wait. 
Baby E is 17 weeks (the earliest your are allowed to wean, so I am told) and drains his 8oz bottles everytime. 
This is when we thought about introducing foods. 

We started giving him porridge in the morning, which he loved and ate the majority of it! We were told to expect lots of mess, when in fact it was the complete opposite! He eats every least drop and none was to waste or covering every surface! 

We then decided to introduce some puréed vegetables for his tea along with a bottle of milk. This went down even better than the porridge! We started with carrots, and I mean look at the result below...

One little boy loving food! 

We will continue to give him porridge and vegetables for a couple of months then move onto finger foods when he is well over 6 months! 

Just curious as to when you all weaned you little ones? 
Please don't lecture me on weaning too early etc.  

1 comment:

  1. I started Aidan at around 15 weeks.. he was the same draining bottles and not satisfied. I think every baby is different and once theyre not having a bad reaction to it then Id rather him be happy than hungry. Love the Mike bib too! X