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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Bargain of the Century!

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Boots is not a place I really shop for baby stuff in. 
I get so many vouchers through my door for there but never use them or they go out of date before I get to use them! 

But yesterday me and Jordan went into the town as he was needing a car part from Halfords, so while he was doing that, Baby E and I went into Boots! 

They didn't have that much for boys to be honest - not many places do - but they did have a same rack that I instantly was drawn too! 
There were a couple of pairs of shoes so I snapped them up. The grey pair which is in the photo above are 3-6 months, and were £3. The other pair, the dark blue with little whales on then cost the same but they are size 6-9! But I just HAD to get them! They were just super cute! 
I took these items to the till as nothing else really caught my eye. 
While at the checkout the server told me it was 3 for 2, even on sale items! So I hurried back and picked up the only other thing I looked at and was in Elliott's size, the blue and yellow zippy top, which is size 0-3 and costs £4. 
At the till she asked if I had any vouchers, looking in my purse I pulled out a few and found a 25% off one, she said she was unsure if it would work on the sale items, she scanned it and it worked!! 
So my totally was £7, meaning I got a pair of shoes for free, and with my 25% off the total came to a bargain price of £4.50!! 
Three items for under £5! You can't go wrong! 

Walking out with the bag Jordan thought I had gone mental, when I told him about my deal, he was more than impressed! 

I think I should start using the vouchers more often! 

What's your bargain of the century? 

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