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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Color Tattoo 24Hour in On and on Bronze

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I am one that doesn't mix up my eye shadows or choose crazy shades to have fun with, for me I am all about the neutrals and plain colours and use the same one until I hit pan.
I use to be quite bold back in my younger days, opting for bright green! (I was going through a green phase...) but now I am older and know how to work with make up I tend to stick with the browns.

Always one late the the party, I picked up the Color 24Hour Tattoo (£4.99) in the shade 35 - On and on Bronze.  I was unsure on what shade to get to be honest, I did look at a lighter shade but when swatches looked awful on the back of my hand. I don't normally go for bronzy shades as I think I don't suit warm tones but I thought I would bite the bullet and try it out! 
Once home I decided to play around with the Color Tattoo and found that it suits my skin tone beautifully. It's not one of those shades that are hideous, blended out it looks so natural too!

beau is blue, beauisblue, color tattoo

The formula is lovely and creamy and a little goes a long way! You only need a little on you brush to do both eyes! Color Tattoo glides on effortlessly and thickly, but not too think that it creases half way through the day - BONUS!
I can definitely tell you that this lasts all day with no creasing at all! I have even gone to bed with this on my lids and woken up with it still there! *Note, I do take my make up off most nights, but on the odd night I am too busy or lazy*

I have completely fallen in love with this. I have had On and on Bronze for a good month now and has been loved everyday since purchased! 
I will definitely be buying more of these little beauties! If you have any shade recommendations, do send them this way!

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