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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

No more injections!

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Today has been a busy, busy day!

Baby E had his third lot of injections today, you get two injections in each leg, he was smiling when the Health Visitor put the first one in, the second he made a slight whimper but that was all! 
We had the same HV for the first and third injections - I really liked her, she spent time with him and made him smile and was just generally loving, the health Visitor that did the second lot wasn't caring in the slightest and he cried with both of them! 

We are getting double glazing put in this weekend so are staying at Jordan's parents house (they are holidaying in France just now) so I went to my friends house to borrow her travel cot as we don't have one.  Once we got home I set the travel cot up and popped him in it and he had a ball, and it gave me some time to get some housework done! 
I'm not sure if I have told you guys yet but he started rolling on Saturday night so a pen for him is ideal! 
I found him rolling under the couch on Sunday!

Since getting the travel cot, we have decided to buy our own as its so handy! And I think it will become even more handier when he starts to walk etc! 

Ever just want some 'me' time to have a cuppa? Get a travel cot! 

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