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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Teething Troubles

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I haven't blogged in so long, but there's a good reason!
Baby E's teething really bad! He's only 4 months but his bottom two are most definetly away to cut through any day now!

He has been a bit of a nightmare, crying all the time and waking up every hour at bedtime! Which is resulting in one tired mumma! 
I think I'm just taking bad with it all as he rarely crys and is good sleeper who sleeps right through the night! 
This has been going on since Saturday, so I hoping the teeth come through in the next hour and I get my sweet little baby back! 

Have to got any secret remedies or did anything help you massively? 

I've been giving him Calpol every 4/5 hours and I feel it only works for maybe the first hour. So yes, any advice would be greatly received! 


  1. Aidan's doing the exact same! He's being really needy and waking all hours of the night.. teething sucks! X

    1. How old is Aiden? It's a nightmare! Hopefully they cut through soon!
      Hope your well and getting enough sleep! Thanks for commenting xo