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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

4 Months Old

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So we have hit the 4 month mark!

First up I cannot believe it's been a whole four months since he graced our lives, but we have surpassed so many milestones in those four months I'm excited for the many more months too come, although I'd like to keep my baby a baby for longer! 

This month has seen us introducing foods - which is going well! Everyday he gets more and more confident with the new tastes and textures of foods. 
I think he's going to a great eater later on in life *fingers crossed*

We have also had the last of the injections, so no more for 8 months! Give his little legs a rest! 

The first time on a swing was also a milestone that was fun to do! He loved it so much that we couldn't get him off it!  And also the first time in a ball pit, this was another thing he was loving - I think we are going to get him a small ball pit for Christmas from Santa *shhhh* 

And the BIGGEST milestone that we've overcome this month is rolling over! 
The first time he did it we were both watching! And it was a very proud moment for both of us. 
Now that he is rolling about its very hard to keep him still! Changing him is now a nightmare! 

What a great month it has been! I hope next month we have lots of other fun things to look forward too! 

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