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Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Day at the Zoo

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So I haven't posted in a couple of days, sorry about that! One grumpy baby is not what I ordered!
Ah he's not too bad, but from sleeping right through the night to waking up once or twice a night is just making me super tired! Sucks to having a teething child! 
Although saying that, I ordered an amber teething anklet, which have very good reviews and are highly raved about. I got it yesterday mid afternoon, so popped it under his sock and in the matter of a couple of hours I noticed a big difference! No red cheeks, no red bum and even by 6pm - when he's normally turns into a devil child - he was smiling and was very happy! A totally different baby! 
I bought it off Amazon for £7.77! And so far so good and had to be the best £7 I have ever spent! 
I will keep you updated and may do a review on it in a couple of days.

Yesterday, Baby E, his granny, and his auntie and I went to the country park/zoo. 
It was a lovely autumn day and was not cold at all so was just a nice day for a wander around! 
Baby E was amazed by everything, his head would not stay still - looking in every direction! I think there was a lot too take in for his little eyes!
He was fascinated with the otters which was very cute.

I think we are away to head into town to buy him a Halloween costume as he had a party to attend on the 31st, the reason for buying early is im scared his size will sell out! 

Hope you have a lovely Saturday! 

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