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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Introducing New Foods!

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Since we started weaning, Baby E has not turned his nose up at anything that I've put in front of him, until last nights tea time!
I buy the pouches of already pureed fruit and vegetables, so I served up sweetpotato and red pepper but he had maybe about 4 spoonfuls which to him is hardly anything and then he was having none of it and spitting out, so I stopped. 
I was on route get get another pouch which I knew he would eat but stopped by the fruit bowl and thought I'd try him with a bit of banana. Half a banana later he was full and satisfied with the mess that was all over him and the high chair! 

This morning I made his porridge as usual and decided to mix in a bit of banana. This went down very well, so much so that he fell asleep in his high chair!
So for tea he had his usual meal and I have him the rest of the banana for 'pudding' he liked holding it, although it started to get slimy and slippy! 
But he was sucking on it and munching little bits off. In the end it got too small for me and him to hold so I mashed it up and he had the remainder off a spoon. I'm pretty sure the photo above shows how much he loved it!

I was pretty worried to start introducing lumpy food, but I feel it's gone down a treat and he is more full with adding in a banana to his meals! I'm quite excited to go out and buy things I can mash up now! 

Were you nervous going from smooth foods to lumpy? 


  1. The first food Molly had and enjoyed was banana. Now she loves them. Its hard adding lumps because they will choke but that's part of the process :(

    1. Oh I know :( he has to learn sometime I suppose. But the banana has gone down a treat! Hopefully he takes to other foods just as well!