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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Feeling Confident

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I don't usually post things about myself or feature a photo of myself but I feel it is now time to tell you that, today for the first time since giving birth I felt comfortable and confident in the clothes I wore, so much so that I dawned on a skirt and beared my legs - something that has not happened in a good 6 months!
It is a long way before I get to the size I was before falling pregnant, but I'm happy with the way it's going. 

I loved the way I looked throughout my pregnancy, but now there is no baby in my belly I am now a size or two bigger than I was before falling pregnant. Which I'm not all too happy about! So I thought I would do something about it.
I'm not dieting or not doing a crazy fitness regime, I'm just trying to eat bit healthier and go for a walk once a day.

I have never weighed myself, the midwife weighed me when I first fell pregnant but I never asked what it was, as I'm not too bothered about weight more about the way I look.

When did you start to think about losing the baby weight? 

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